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Technical explanation of Two-Way-Authentication; Linking DID with Website Origin

By Vishwas Anand on 2022-06-22

Two features we proudly announce on our website are; Two-Way Authentication and Independent Verification. We will talk about the latter in some other blog but for this blog, let us just stick to the feature - Two-Way Authentication. The question is what is this feature and how it can be technically implemented and proven that it MAY help to stop phishing attacks. Two-Way Authentication Traditionally, when a user tries to log in to a website through a thrid party auth provider (or Identity Provider) like Google Login or Facebook Login, a user is asked to allow access to his/her data by showing him a popup.

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Cosmos Modules, Part I : staking, distribution and slashing

By Arnab Ghose on 2022-04-13

Staking The x/staking module handles operations related to staking. Let’s undestand Staking modules with an account being made as a validator and then perform operations related to modules. Creating a validator hid-noded tx staking create-validator --amount=5000000uhid --from=node1 --pubkey=$(hid-noded tendermint show-validator --home=$HOME/.hid-node) --moniker="node1" --chain-id="hidnode" --commission-rate="0.1" --commission-max-rate="0.2" --commission-max-change-rate="0.05" --min-self-delegation="5000" --keyring-backend=test --home=$HOME/.hid-node --yes Here, we have user with account name node1. The user becomes the validator by staking 5000000uhid in the chain. We can the node1 being created as a validator

#blockchain #feegrant #cosmos

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Paying transaction fee on behalf of someone else!

By Arnab Ghose on 2022-04-13

Building a UX where a User feels comfortable in interacting with the blockchain is much needed. In this blog, we will be looking at how the authz and feegrant Cosmos SDK modules aim to build a similar User Experience. The authz module grants and revokes permissions to accounts for performation certain transactions. This could be token trasnfer, staking. The generic authorization is where we can explicitly pass the TypeURL of the transaction, which is going to be our focus for this blog.

#blockchain #feegrant #cosmos

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Inflation in the Cosmos Ecosystem

By Arnab Ghose on 2022-04-11

We are quite familiar with what inflation is in real life. When the supply falls short of demand, the cost of goods and services increase, thus inflation. You can read more about inflation here. But what does it really mean in the world of Cosmos? Unlike real world, Inflation in Cosmos refers to the increase in minted tokens for each block, which are used to incentivize the stakeholders. Cosmos SDK allows us to set the parameters for initial inflation rate and the paramters related to it.

#blockchain #inflation #cosmos

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Avatars May Use SSI In Metaverse To Prove Identity

By Vishwas Anand on 2022-01-07

Image Credit: https://www.verizon.com Introduction Metaverse has been in the news for quite some time now. Seems like the next “buzzword” after “blockchain” in the tech space. The tech got a surge especially after Facebook decided to change its name to Meta. In this blog, we will understand what is Metaverse (a very basic intro) and its relationship with digital identities. The focus will be on explaining why decentralized digital identities are an important tool for Metaverse to replicate the real world.

#SSI #digital identity #blockchain #metaverse

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Introduction to Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol

By Arnab Ghose on 2022-01-04

At Hypersign, we are working towards building our network and researching about some of the popular frameworks to choose from. Cosmos and Polygon are top on our list. A quick bite about the Hypersign Network before we move on: Hypersign Identity Network - A simple, secure and affordable blockchain network for managing digital identity and access rights without compromising on security and privacy. The network also incorporates privacy subchains and interoperability between them.

#blockchain #did #cosmos #HID #hypersign

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Why blockchain is important tool for SSI (The self sovereign identity) system?

By Vishwas Anand on 2020-09-27

This blog can be considered as a follow-up blog (but not necessarily) of a series of blogs on digital identity. Digital Identity; Past, Present and Future: Where we talked about how digital identity evolved over a period of time and where it is heading to - the SSI. In depth introduction to Self Sovereign Identity (SSI): We took a deep dive into some of the core components of SSI to understand its terminologies and overall architecture.

#SSI #digital identity #DID #authentication #centralised #federated #blockchain #user-centric

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A quick introduction of Biometrics

By Vishwas Anand on 2020-03-14

In this blog, our purpose is to take an in-depth look at how biometrics works. There are multiple types of Biometrics like Facial characteristics, Fingerprints, Iris pattern etc. and they are fairly complex to understand. So we will just focus on Fingerprints, to make biometric identification process simple and easy to understand. We will start with the definition of Biometric and its types. Then will talk about how fingerprint works, where we will talk about different stages of fingerprint verification process.

#biometric #fingerprints #blockchain #mobile

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